How to get URL of a file stored using Active Storage in Rails?

Rails 5 came with an amazing option to integrate cloud based…
April 1, 2019/by admin

Rails: How to modify SMTP Configuration in runtime?

There are multiple ways to send email in the Rails framework.…
March 21, 2019/by admin

How to do competitor analysis for your startup

Competitor analysis is one of the critical problems that a founder…
March 4, 2019/by admin

Rspec Stub the request to handle remote calls

If your application tackles with the third-party API integrations…
January 7, 2019/by admin

How to add Google SSO on a wildcard domains in Angular

credit: viwoinc
Now a day's most of the user does not want…
January 3, 2019/by admin

How to enable authentication on the MongoDB

MongoDB is a free open-source document-oriented database that…
December 16, 2018/by admin

Mac OSX – Python cannot import tweepy library

Tweepy is an amazing library if you want to integrate…
December 16, 2018/by admin

Python PIP – How to avoid “Cannot uninstall ‘X’. It is a distutils installed project and thus we cannot accurately determine.

Problem Statement:
Cannot uninstall 'six'. It is a distutils…
December 16, 2018/by admin

How to execute only one job at a time in Sidekiq

Sidekiq provides efficient background jobs concurrent execution…
November 14, 2018/by admin

How to redirect to

If you have a wildcard subdomain, there is a common issue that…
October 2, 2017/by admin

Exploring Boracay – Travel Diaries 2017

Exploring nature is more like an obsession to me. I love to explore…
May 22, 2017/by admin
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